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Since the year 2022 began, we have been working with a group of 40 children under our music for social change program known as the child rights and advocacy music team. These are unaccompanied, separated and orphans’ children who were identified in their communities and shown the interest to advocate for the rights of children. with a support from a Music Teacher, the group met once a week to sing songs of Hope, Peace, Rights, protection among other issues that are affecting children in the communities they live in

The group have recorded an album that consist of 6 songs which are being played in community radio stations, music centres and in families. since the releases of the album, the songs have gained much attention from Stakeholders in the communities.

In February 2023, we have planned to launch the music album in Bidibidi to raise awareness about Teenage pregnancy, Child Abuse and Ask Parents and guidance to ensure their children return to school under the theme “We all have Roles to play”

In Bidibidi refugee settlement the data published by DHIS2 and International rescue committee indicates that there is an increase in Teenage pregnancy. In 2021, 1595 from the age of 15-19 and 11 were below 15 years while 1320 from the age of 15-19 and 13 below 15 years were recorded in 2022. The source also revealed that Teenage pregnancy was already a problem in Bidi bidi before Coronavirus. Child abuse, child neglect, absents of parents or guidance, Education failure, Lack of information about sexual reproductive health and rights, inadequate access to services tailored for young people, Family and social pressure to marry and sexual violence are some of the causes of Teenage pregnancy in bidibidi.  With the current data we are committed in tackling adolescent pregnancy especially among younger adolescents aged 10-14 who are most at risk and often overlooked. And with this Album launch we will also encourage children who had dropped out of school to return, stay in school and complete their Education.


With our Album launch and Teenage pregnancy awareness arising, we aim to spread awareness and educate young people as well as parents regarding teenage pregnancy and this is not to serve as a reminder but as well as to keep them open minded about the health risk and complications brought by teenage pregnancy.

Specific objectives:

  • Inform young people and raise awareness about evidence based and evidence informed programs to prevent teen pregnancy.
  • Educate stakeholders about relevant evidence based and evidence informed strategies to reduce teen pregnancy and data on needs and resources in target communities.
  • To guide and educate the young people and help the teens who is part of the issue by informing and educating them.
  • Support twenty (20) groups of teenage mothers (5 per group) to acquire liquid soap training in bidibidi
  • To promote community participation on ending Teenage pregnancy


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