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In the heart of our initiative was the Child Rights and Advocacy Music Team, a group of 40 children engaged in the Music for Social Change program. This program, funded by Conny and Warchild UK, provided a secure environment for children to discuss challenges, receive psychosocial support, and express themselves through music.

Guided by a dedicated Music Teacher, the team successfully recorded the impactful “Teenage Mothers” album. Launched from December 15th to 17th, 2023, in Bidibidi refugee settlement, Yumbe District, the album addressed critical issues like teenage pregnancy and child abuse through six powerful songs.

Our commitment extended beyond music, focusing on supporting education and career development for young women and girls. Through digital training, youth were empowered to achieve better livelihoods, contributing to holistic community development.

The event day was a vibrant celebration, featuring opening ceremonies, insights from RWC II Chairpersons in Ombechi, Ayivu, and Ariwa, album presentations, and heartfelt testimonials from the contributing children.

Reflecting on the achievements, we recognized the empowerment brought to children, the unity in community support, practical solutions discussed for children’s problems, and the inspiring change sparked in attitudes towards education.

The journey faced challenges, including logistical hurdles and weather constraints, offering valuable lessons. Understanding community dynamics, tailoring interventions to match local vibes, and implementing sustainability measures were crucial takeaways for future events.

Looking ahead, Similar Ground envisions continuous monitoring and evaluation through post-launch surveys, expansion to other zones for broader reach, and strengthening partnerships with local artists, influencers, and organizations.

In conclusion, the success of the “Teenage Mothers” album launch stands as a testament to collective dedication and passion. Similar Ground expresses heartfelt gratitude to every individual, partnering organization, and donor whose unwavering support made this event possible. Together, we celebrate the power of music and propel a movement towards safeguarding children’s rights, fostering hope, and nurturing a brighter future for youth in these communitie

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