Ensuring that all children go and stay at school and complete their education in an age appropriate manner to influence positive learning outcomes.

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At Similar Ground we engage children in interactive and enriching activities, ranging from educational games and group discussions to skill-building workshops. These clubs serve as a supportive and inclusive space where children can not only strengthen their academic foundation but also develop essential life skills, fostering a holistic approach to education. By addressing the unique challenges faced in the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement and surrounding areas, these clubs play a crucial role in empowering children to overcome obstacles and pursue their education with resilience and enthusiasm.

With a survey conducted by Similar Ground, the results show a good school club can help students:

  • Receive insights from their peers, seniors, club advisers, and teachers.
  • Gain fresh perspectives about various ideas and skills.
  • Learn to respect another person’s viewpoint.
  • Develop and improve social skills
  • Collaborate with students from various social backgrounds
  • Step out of their comfort zone and learn new skills
  • Form meaningful, life-long friendships
  • Bond over shared goals and interests
  • Learn to deal with wins and losses
  • Learn the value of participation
  • Derive a sense of accomplishment
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Strengthening Community structures: 

Similar Ground believes local partnerships are essential to achieving our aims. We have always coordinated with local government, international NGOs and local NGOs and Education Partners to organise awareness raising activities and to help strengthen the capacity of communities.  We organise and coordinate the formation and training of school management committees, such as Parents teachers Association (PTA), Centre Management committee (CMC) Girls Parent champions, Girls Education Advisory Committee (GEAC) and School Improvement Committee (SIC).

Learning Outcomes: Ensuring that children go and stay at school and complete their education in an age appropriate manner to influence positive learning outcomes.

Similar Ground has operated programs in Uganda since 2020, partnering with the local government and working with Education Partners to build the capacity of communities to successfully implement initiatives. We use structured play, including sport, to drive peaceful interventions in communities by providing children and youth with positive social, emotional, cognitive and physical life skills, inclusive of cooperation, self-esteem, communication, confidence and empathy.

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Addressing the barriers that limit opportunities for children

Through our programs, we strive to address the barriers that hinder the demand for and access to education, particularly for girls. We provide material support and training on improved menstrual hygiene management, and teach girls how to make reusable pads. We also strengthen reporting mechanisms and referral pathways to respond to child protection issues, including gender-based violence. And we work with school management committees to address school and community-based barriers to children’s education.

We are always committed to promoting the agency of girls, and to strengthen their capacity to influence decisions that affect their education and learning. Girls’ clubs in schools and in the community are one of the ways wehelp girls develop confidence and self-esteem. In these clubs trained teachers and community coaches lead girls and boys in play-based activities that build understanding and skills around children’s rights, gender equality and leadership. These clubs are also a platform for sharing knowledge and skills related to sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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