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Similar Ground is a Child and youth centred not-for-profit organization created and led by young refugees, Northern Uganda. We believe young people can support, protect, and inspire their own communities. We work with South Sudanese refugee children and youth and also children and young people from the Ugandan host community.

Similar Ground uses Play, music, art and dance to help children and youth learn, express themselves and build confidence. We also provide digital training to youth and accompany them to achieve better livelihoods through income-generating activities. We also organise our initiatives to support education and career development for young women and girls.

Some of our key results


Youth Empowerment

947 Women and Youth were reached through our Empowerment interventions (2023)



1,088 Children and Youth were reached through our EiE interventions (2023)



7,012 Children and Youth were reached through our PSS interventions (2023)

Changing Lives through Music and Play

We believe that music enables children and youth to flourish, developing an increased sense of self-worth, confidence, friendships and raised aspirations. Our work brings together young people of all ages, creating a strong community spirit and a deep sense of pride through musical achievement.

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We are a new organisation but already we have  been instrumental in turning around the fortune of children and youths in our community. As a youth-led community-based organisation we rely on donations to keep our work going. Join us in this journey of change!

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We believe in the power of community. We provide a direct channel for investment in the place we call home and the people who live here. Our aim is to create resilient communities where each individual has the resources they need to thrive.

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  • Obongi HighWay Bidibidi Refugee settlement, Zone 5, Village 13 Yumbe
  • +256 7096160 25
  • Info@similarground.org

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Registered charity number: ARW/000827

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